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Stolen Bentley found abandoned in Summerland

The owner of a stolen Bentley seen going the wrong way on the Coquihalla Highway Thursday says the car has been found on a dirt road in Summerland.

Dashcam footage caught the car going the wrong way down the Coquihalla Highway last week

A stolen Bentley heads northbound in the southbound lanes of the Coquihalla Highway just north of the Othello Lake Road turnoff. (Jonathan Corrigan/YouTube)

The owner of a stolen Bentley seen going the wrong way on the Coquihalla Highway Thursday says the car has been found on a dirt road in Summerland in the Okanagan.

Ray Campbell, of Langley, says he received a Facebook message Friday night from a woman who said she'd found the vehicle. The car had minimal damage and a flat tire.

"The fact the car was in one piece and no one got hurt, I felt relieved," Campbell said. "I've been through a couple of sleepless nights."

Campbell says she contacted him after after seeing reports about the theft on social media.

A video of his prized baby being driven north on the southbound lanes of the Coquihalla Highway on Thursday was posted on YouTube. 

"Easily somebody could have been killed, and that changed the story from me wanting my car back to just me wanting everybody safe," Campbell said. 

RCMP have yet to contact Campbell, but he says it's in ICBC's possession as they conduct an investigation. Campbell says the car will hopefully be back on the road soon.

Stolen from Langley

The luxury vehicle was stolen from Campbell's home in Langley sometime between 1 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Thursday. At first, he thought it was a prank and that his kids may have moved it. 

He says he was horrified when he realized it was his car going the wrong way in the video.

The Bentley parked at the Langley home from where it was taken. (Ray Campbell)

Campbell has owned the 2007 Bentley Continental GT for about a year and says, used, it's valued at between $80,000 and $90,000.

The car retails new for $250,000.

Campbell says he was told speed was a factor with the Bentley clocked at nearly 200 km/h.

Ray Campbell behind the wheel of his 'pride and joy' Bentley on the first day he owned it.

With files from Joan Marshall


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