British Columbia

State of emergency declared in Prince George

City officials issue evacuation orders to residents of 14 homes, 12 of which are on the east side of Farrell Street near Paddlewheel Park.

Homes ordered evacuated as flood threat increases

Evacuation orders were issued to residents of 12 homes on the east side of Farrell Street near Paddlewheel Park in Prince George, B.C. (CBC)

The City of Prince George declared a "state of local emergency" on Sunday afternoon, citing the imminent danger of flooding in the British Columbia city.

City officials also issued evacuation orders to residents of 14 homes, including 12 on the east side of Farrell Street near Paddlewheel Park.

City officials were requesting that all residents from the affected flood evacuation areas call the centre at (250) 561-7640 to check in. 

Evacuees were being directed to the Prince George City Hall, which was serving as a reception and co-ordination centre until 10 p.m. PT Sunday. The reception centre will reopen at 8:30 a.m. PT Monday.

Several homes were on evacuation order on Farrell Street as the river continues to rise. (Betsy Trumpener/CBC)

The city was asking residents and visitors to stay away from the river banks because of potential instability from hidden erosion. Officials also warned recreational river users to stay out of the water until the water levels drop.

The city had been issued a flood warning by the BC River Forecast Centre on Saturday night. The water level at Prince George was rising about five centimetres an hour at the time, and it was predicted it would exceed the July 2 peak of 9.21 metres early Sunday morning.