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4 people hospitalized following 3 stabbings in 1 day on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

The Vancouver Police Department is investigating a string of stabbings that occurred on the Downtown Eastside Wednesday.

Along with the stabbings, police responded to another 5 violent incidents in the neighbourhood Wednesday

The Vancouver Police Department says it's unclear whether any of the incidents are connected. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

The Vancouver Police Department is investigating a string of stabbings that occurred on the Downtown Eastside Wednesday.

Police say four people are in hospital following three stabbings. As well, police responded to another six violent incidents in the neighbourhood.

"We're troubled by this level of violence and we're concerned it could escalate," Const. Tania Visintin said in a statement.

She says it's unclear whether the stabbings or the other violent incidents were connected.

"All three investigations are still in the very early stages," she said.

Officers were first called to a convenience store near Main and East Hastings Street after a 29-year-old man stumbled into the shop. Police say the man was bleeding from a large cut on his face. The man was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A police officer talks on the phone outside the Carnegie Centre at Main and Hastings streets on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in August 2019. Police say two of Wednesday's stabbing occurred near this intersection. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Later, around 1:30 p.m., police say they responded to a street fight at the same intersection. One man sustained wounds to his face and another had injuries on his head and torso.

Officers are trying to identify a man who was seen running north on Columbia Street. He's described as five foot eight and was wearing a grey and white hooded sweater, dark sweat pants and a black baseball cap, police say.

The third stabbing happened around 6 p.m. near East Cordova and Columbia Street. Police responded after a man posted to social media that he was dying from a stab wound.

He was taken to hospital and is expected to recover.

"The motives for these violent attacks are unknown at this time," said Visintin.

So far, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Vancouver Police Department.