British Columbia

Smart meter resolution goes to Vancouver council

A Vancouver city councillor has introduced a motion to allow city residents to opt out of BC Hydro's mandatory smart meter program.

Motion to allow residents to opt out of smart meter program debated Wednesday

A Vancouver city councillor has put forward a motion that calls for city residents to be allowed to opt out of BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

Councillor Adrianne Carr said she's been inundated with phone calls and emails from concerned citizens.

Carr said the intensity of the protest led her to introduce a motion that would allow Vancouverites to choose not to have the controversial meters installed.   

Carr said people are, "very concerned about their health and the negative impact on their health of a smart meter."

The motion will be debated at council Wednesday.

Vancouver resident Joely Collins said she will be voicing her concerns at the meeting.  

Collins said she's sensitive to wireless technology, which she said gives her headaches.

"I live in an apartment building and I live above the electrical room where there would be 26 of [the metres]. I'd have to move. I think it's outrageous," Collins said.

Smart meters uses wireless signals to relay power consumption information back to BC Hydro.

Motions have already been passed by 39 municipalities opposing the mandatory installations.

BC Hydro is under no legal obligation to abide by the municipal smart meter motions.


With files from the CBC's Meera Bains