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Slain UBC student's body found by ex-husband

The ex-husband of Ximena Osegueda was one of the two men who found the body of the slain University of British Columbia student in Mexico last week, CBC News has learned.

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Murdered in Mexico

11 years ago
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Slain woman's ex reveals new information about discovering her body in Mexico

The ex-husband of Ximena Osegueda was one of the two men who found the body of the slain University of British Columbia student in Mexico last week, CBC News has learned.

Jacy Wright, of Vancouver, who was married to Osegueda for 12 years and had remained friendly with her since their divorce, said he flew to Huatulco, Mexico, from B.C. to help search for her after he heard in late December that she had disappeared.

Osegueda, 39, a Canadian citizen and graduate student in Hispanic studies at UBC, and her boyfriend, Alejandro Alvarado, 38, had been reported missing Dec. 13.

"I was thinking of doing foot patrol from where she disappeared, because it didn't sound like [that] had been done," Wright told CBC news Friday.

Wright said the GPS on Osegueda's car led them to a secluded beach near Huatulco.

Within a few hours of searching, he and a friend found an area covered with branches and garbage. They started digging and found a black plastic bag.

"Everyone was very resistant to the idea that it was a human body," Wright said. "But I dug myself and passed a bit of mesh ... and I hit a belt."

While they waited for police, Wright feared the worst. It was a human body, a victim of homicide, but it wasn't Osegueda.

Searched again

Two days later, Wright and Osegueda's brother searched the beach again, this time bringing the dog Wright had bought Osegueda for her protection and focused on a lagoon during low tide.

"It didn't take long, 20 to 30 steps in and around the bend, the dog started doing circles, licking the ground," said Wright. "I had a shovel this time. I hit it with a shovel immediately. [Alvarado’s] shoulder was down about six inches deep."

After police arrived, Wright heard Osegueda's purse was also in the hole, and he suspected his ex-wife's body was there too. Her identity was confirmed at the morgue.

"Her hands were tied behind her back. She was on her knees and had been killed with a knife. Stabbed through the jugular," Wright said.

The bodies of Ximena Osegueda, left, and partner Alejandro Alvarado were on a Mexican beach a few weeks after they went missing. (Facebook)
After the grisly discovery, Wright heard stories from locals about the beach being used as a drop off point for drugs and a dumping ground for bodies of those killed by drug gangs.

He suspects the couple might have been cornered on the beach and robbed either for their car or money.

"Over the course of three days, I found three bodies over six hours of looking. That tells me there's a lot more bodies," said Wright.

He said he believes authorities had been keeping the existence of the apparent dumping ground quiet in order to protect the tourist industry.

Wright said he used to feel at home in Mexico, but won't be going back anytime soon.

With files from the CBC's Leah Hendry