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Governments outline $1.4B contribution for 150 new SkyTrain cars

The provincial and federal governments have announced they will help pay for 200 new SkyTrain cars for TransLink's Expo and Millennium Lines in Metro Vancouver.

Previously-announced funding will also pay for 50 more cars in addition to replacements

The Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation has said dedicated funding is needed to ensure TransLink can start on new projects in Metro Vancouver. (Justin McElroy/CBC)

The provincial and federal governments have provided details outlining how their new transit funding will help pay for 200 new SkyTrain cars for TransLink's Expo and Millennium Lines in Metro Vancouver.

TransLink previously announced plans to add new cars to its fleet as part of its 10-year vision.

A joint government announcement Thursday detailed the previously-announced $1.47-billion investment that will help pay for the cars: 150 of which will replace aging cars and 50 that will be added to increase capacity.

A statement from the province said it's contributing $579 million for the new additions while the federal government will pay $493 million. TransLink is contributing $397 million.

The new cars will increase SkyTrain's capacity by 5,000 passenger at peak times, the statement said. The old cars being replaced date back to 1986 and are nearing the end of their life cycle.

In January, TransLink asked the public what it would like to see in the new cars, looking for feedback on several design options. It said the 200 new cars would account for about half the SkyTrain fleet.

At the time, the corporation said it expected the cars to begin arriving in 2023 or 2024. 

Multiple transit topics, including the new SkyTrain cars, were discussed Thursday at the monthly Mayors' Council meeting.

One TransLink report presented at the meeting noted support for a proposed SkyTrain between Langley and Surrey — with 85 per cent support from residents of those cities and 84 per cent from people living in other parts of Metro Vancouver.