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Skiing toddler's adorable pep talks to herself are 'bringing people joy'

A dad in Fernie, B.C., wanted to get some insight into his three-year-old daughter's thoughts as she manoeuvred the slopes with remarkable speed and agility, so he decided to mic her up. Then CNN came calling.

Dad in Fernie, B.C., posted daughter's chatter on YouTube, attracting attention of CNN

Adia Leidums, 3, after a long day of skiing on the slopes near her home in Fernie, B.C. Her father records her observations as she skis and posts them to his YouTube channel. (Submitted by Erich Leidums)

Toddlers have a tendency to be a little chatty, so when a dad in Fernie, B.C., wanted to get a glimpse into his three-year-old daughter's thoughts as she manoeuvred down a mountain on her tiny toddler skis, he simply decided to mic her up.

To Erich Leidums's surprise, he captured some adorable pep talks little Adia was giving herself while navigating some tight curves and bumpy bumps with remarkable speed near their home in southeastern British Columbia.

"Going around the dirt. Going in the dirt," Adia Leidums says when the terrain gets a little mucky. She instructs herself to "walk like a duck" when the mountain takes an incline.

Adia started skiing in her front yard once the snow started piling up last fall. The family lives just 10 minutes away from Fernie Alpine Resort, and it wasn't long before she graduated to the bunny hill and beyond.

Leidums documents much of his family's time skiing on his YouTube channel, That Mountain Life. He and his wife, Courtney Haeusler, also have two boys, aged five and seven.

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3-year-old's adorable skiing pep talks are 'bringing people joy,' mom says

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Adia Leidums' parents wanted to get some insight into their daughter's thoughts as she maneuvered the slopes above Fernie, B.C., with remarkable speed and agility.

His daughter's colourful dialogue can be heard throughout several videos. "Hi kitty cat. Hi one-eyed monster," she says as she whizzes past cartoon-like characters that decorate the slopes for younger kids.

The videos caught the attention of U.S. TV channel CNN, and Adia's mom says she's overwhelmed by the reaction.

"People watching all over the world, listening to her babble and talk, it just brings people joy," Haeusler said.

Adia gives her dad, Erich Leidums, a high five while skiing down a mountain after she executed a mid-slope jump. (That Mountain Life/YouTube)

Leidums says people have been reaching out to him as well, asking for specifics on how he taught Adia so they can get their toddlers on skis.

"It just takes a lot of time. We are literally living it day-in day-out, skiing four to five days a week," he said.

The parents say they are trying to raise their three children to be confident, self-aware people who enjoy taking risks.

"It's just a good medium for life ... to take risks on the mountain, skiing. And they can hopefully relate that to their everyday lives," Haeusler said.

"That's the main recipe," Leidums said. "We just love it, and it's who we are."

In the most Canadian of traditions, Adia sheds a few tears after getting her tongue stuck to a frozen safety bar on a recent trip up the mountain. (That Mountain Life/YouTube)


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