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Shuswap residents cleaning up after powerful weekend storm

Winds up to 80 kilometres per hour ripped through the Shuswap this weekend, and a couple are now assessing the damage to their cabin.

Winds up to 80 km/h hit communities along the lake

Gail and Brian Paradis' Magna Bay cabin on Shuswap Lake was severely damaged in last weekend's storm. (Gail Paradis)

Toppled trees are strewn all across the yard of Gail and Brian Paradis' Shuswap cabin after a powerful storm this weekend.

Winds up to 80 kilometres per hour ripped through Magna Bay Resort, and the Paradis' are now assessing the damage.

"We could see trees starting to fall. My daughter yelled for everyone to get down, and we all hit the floor," Gail Paradis told Radio West host Audrey McKinnon.

"We could hear trees falling all over, and the wind was gusting very loudly. My husband got everyone to crawl underneath a support beam, and we just kinda covered under there until we could hear the trees stop crashing."

Brian Paradis says their lot saw about 25 trees come down, most of which fell around the cabin. One did hit the cabin and others crushed their boathouse and their garage.

He also says five or six trees crushed their daughter's car.

"It's about two feet high," he said.

It wasn't only the Paradis' cabin that took damage: their daughter's car was also crushed by a falling tree during the Shuswap storm. (Gail Paradis)

Although no one was hurt, the Paradis say their grandchildren were traumatized by the storm and look at black clouds in the sky with fear.

Not alone

The Paradis weren't the only ones to experience the storm's devastation.

On Twitter, people posted pictures of how they were impacted.

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