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Sharon, Bram and friends set to perform Skinnamarink and other hits in Vancouver

Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison — one of Canada's most beloved musical acts — will be performing Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre.

Beloved children's entertainers have been performing for nearly 40 years

Beloved children's entertainers Bram Morrison and Sharon Hampson have been performing for over 40 years. They're performing at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver this Sunday. (Charlie Cho/CBC)

Beloved children's entertainers Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison hit the stage at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver on Sunday.

They'll be singing Five Little Monkeys, One Elephant, Tingalayo, and their most well-known song, Skinnamarink.

"That song has become a meme," laughed Morrison.

"Children learning it, then becoming parents, then singing it to their children, and singing with their grandparents. That's the best news for us," added Hampson.

The duo is thrilled to be back in Vancouver after a number of years.

"This has been a city of firsts for us," Morrison said.

The group was originally a trio — Sharon, Lois & Bram — with member Lois Lilienstein. They recorded their first album One Elephant, Deux Éléphants in 1978, and performed at their first children's festival in Vancouver the following May.

"When we started in '78, we were just planning on making a record," Hampson said. "But when we got the call to come to the Vancouver Children's Festival, we were astounded."

The group performed as Sharon, Lois and Bram for many years. Lois Lilienstein (pictured centre) died at age 78 in 2015. (CBC)

Lilienstein died in 2015 of cancer, but Morrison pointed out that she was no longer performing with the group by then.

"The thing is, Lois retired from touring in 1999, [but] Sharon and I had no intention of stopping. We continued ... so we were used to performing without Lois," he said.

The trio remained dear friends.

"We were with her till the end," Hampson said. "It was like losing a family member."

Sharon, Bram and friends perform a sing-along concert at the Orpheum on Sunday, Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. PT.

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