Police warn public after convicted sex offender moves to Vancouver

Cameron Eugene Ratelle, 39, has been convicted of a sexual assault against a minor.

Cameron Eugene Ratelle, 39, poses 'risk of significant harm' to women aged 16 to 25

For the second time in a year, Vancouver police are warning the public about a convicted sex offender who poses a "significant" risk to young women.

Cameron Eugene Ratelle, 39, has been convicted of sexually assaulting a minor as well as university students in Ontario. 

Police said they were notified Thursday he's moving to a halfway house in Vancouver.

Corrections Canada said Ratelle, who is on statutory release, has been assessed as a moderate to high risk for violent and sexual reoffending.

He's bound by several conditions, including:

  • Not to go on any schools' property, including university campuses.
  • Not to be with any minors without a parole officer's permission.
  • Not to possess, buy or consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs.
  • Not to possess, buy or access pornography.
  • Not to access a computer or the internet.

Ratelle is also under curfew from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. and has to live in a community correctional centre or community residential facility.

Last May, Vancouver police issued a similar warning when Ratelle moved to the city.

He was arrested a few days later for breaching a "non-violent" condition of his release.