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Settlement reached in sexual harassment case against former RCMP spokesman

A settlement has been reached in one of two civil claims against former RCMP spokesman Tim Shields, who still faces a criminal charge.

Other civil claim and criminal case against Tim Shields still proceeding to trial

One of two civil suits against former RCMP spokesman Tim Shields was recently settled out of court.

A settlement has been reached in one of two civil claims against former RCMP spokesperson Tim Shields and the court action has been discontinued this week. 

A civilian employee of the RCMP launched a lawsuit against Shields in 2014 alleging he sexually harassed and assaulted her from 2009 to 2011.

Shields who held the rank of sergeant, and later inspector, was her boss.

In his legal response, Shields said the complainant had pursued him and denied the allegations.    

The woman's lawyer confirmed there was a settlement but said he cannot divulge any details.

RCMP Sgt. Tim Shields in January 2009. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

"All we can say is that the parties were able to resolve the matter on satisfactory terms. In this case, as with many settlements there are confidentiality provisions that preclude any further discussion on the matter," said Greg Heywood in an email.

The other civil case is scheduled to go to trial in June 2018.

The woman who launched it was also a civilian employee who worked with Shields. She told CBC she hopes her colleague's settlement brings her some peace.

Both women have been on leave. 

Criminal trial still pending

Shields is still facing a criminal charge of sexual assault for misconduct that is alleged to have happened in 2009 and 2010.

At that time he was the officer in charge of strategic communications at 'E' Division headquarters in B.C.

The trial, set for the end of May, is scheduled to last three weeks. 

Shields is now retired from the RCMP after an 18-year career.

While he was spokesman he apologized on behalf of the police force for inaccurate information that was given out after the Taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport.

None of the civil or criminal allegations against Shields has been proven in court.

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