Vancouver criminals target elderly woman in bank scam

The suspect, who posed as a bank employee, claims she was trying to catch a dishonest clerk.

Woman decides at last minute to not hand over her money

Ask for advice before withdrawing or transferring money at a stranger's request, caution Vancouver police.

Vancouver police issued a warning Monday about a banking scam aimed at elderly people.

On Nov. 17, a 94-year-old Vancouver woman got a phone call at home from a woman claiming she was a security officer at a local bank, according to police.

The fake employee said she wanted to "set a trap" for a bank clerk suspected of stealing.

She allegedly told the victim to withdraw cash from her personal account and give it to a man would would be waiting near the bank.

The victim withdrew the money, but had a change of heart before handing it over to a male suspect.

Police are reminding the public that anyone who gets a suspicious request about transferring or withdrawing money should call police or speak to a trusted family member first.

The name of the bank and the victim have not been released. An investigation into the incident continues.