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Saanich police pull over speeding mom who smoked 'celebratory' back-to-school joint

Saanich police pulled over a mother who admitted to smoking marijuana to celebrate the fact her kids are back in school today.

'It's highly not advisable to do that prior to engaging or operating a motor vehicle,' say police

A young woman smokes a marijuana joint. Apr 20 2015, (David Donnelly/CBC) (David Donnelly/CBC)

As parents flood social media with pictures of school children all dressed up for their first day of class, one parent in Saanich, B.C., allegedly decided to celebrate the return of the school year in a different way.

Saanich Police say a mother was pulled over for speeding in a school zone after she had smoked marijuana to celebrate school being back in.

"As soon as the officer tried to speak to the driver, it became abundantly obvious that someone in the car had been smoking a joint," said acting Sgt. Jereme Leslie with the Saanich Police Department.

"That individual stated that they had had a celebratory joint earlier as the kids were back in school." 

Leslie said police had a drug recognition expert come in and conduct a test on the mother to make sure she was sober enough to drive. The expert confirmed that she was, and police issued her a violation ticket for the speeding infraction in a school zone.

The department hopes the incident serves as a reminder to others thinking of getting high and getting behind the wheel.

"It's highly not advisable to do that prior to engaging or operating a motor vehicle," he said.

With Files from Richard Zussman and All Points West