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Run out of ideas for party food? Here's help!

Chef Julian Bond offers suggestions to get us through the rest of the party season.

Helpful hints from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Party food from the Pacific Institute of the Culinary Arts 4:57

You may have been to many parties already. And there's still a stretch of the season to go. 

So if you need a little inspiration when planning what your potluck item will be watch this video from CBC TV's Our Vancouver.

Chef Julian Bond is vice president of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

He says it's the time of year to bring a little warmth and sunshine into our parties in the form of lettuce wraps filled with avocado, Dungeness Crab, and blue cheese croutons.

He's also suggesting braised lamb mini popovers and albacore tuna "Chopsticks" wakame salad.

Bond says you can never go wrong with a well planned cheese plate including hard, soft and blue varieties.

But to knock it out of the park you could try a panettone and pecan bread pudding with eggnog custard.

As for wine pairings, Bond says, "keep it light and refreshing so people can eat, eat and eat."