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Real estate round up from CBC Vancouver's new podcast, SOLD!

A new CBC Vancouver original podcast called SOLD! delves into the generously-sized debacle that is Metro Vancouver's real estate scene. Here are the stories that came out of it.

From racism to regrets, a series of stories to understand Vancouver’s real estate market

A new CBC Vancouver original podcast called SOLD! delves into the debacle that is Metro Vancouver's real estate scene.

Hosted by CBC Radio One's Stephen Quinn, SOLD! addresses how we got to now, why foreign investment is only part of the story and where B.C. is heading next.

SOLD! is available at CBC Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

Here are some stories about real estate and housing affordability that came out of the podcast this week.

The race card
Read about it in both English and Chinese. 

"A lot of times you're being misjudged," says Weymi Cho, right, a former cast member of Ultra Rich Asian Girls. (Bal Brach/CBC News)

A tumultuous history
How we got to where we are.

What does it all mean?
The nuts and bolts of what you need to know. 

Rows and rows of single-family homes are seen in this aerial shot of Vancouver.
BC Assessment has released their latest property values based on what they were worth in July, 2018. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

Breaking down the economy
A decade of soaring real estate prices that have turned ordinary homeowners into paper millionaires

Real people, real stories
The human cost of a housing crisis.

Bob Potter, 87, has lived at Green Tree Estates in Surrey for nearly a decade. The manufactured home park will soon be replaced with townhouses and residents have to be out of their homes by the end of 2019. (Jesse Johnston/CBC)

Selling B.C., the politics
A look at B.C.'s new school tax and how it fits into the housing crisis. 

If you are interested in more stories about Vancouver's real estate market, check out CBC's new podcast, SOLD! Host Stephen Quinn explores how foreign investment in real estate divides community, class and culture. Find it at CBC Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.