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Prince George seniors housing could be built in Ron Brent Park

A Prince George youth centre that makes heavy use of Ron Brent Park is concerned that a major portion of the green space could be converted into seniors housing.

Connaught Youth Centre, which shares the park, wary of move by council

Connaught Youth Centre, shown here, shares the greenspace in Rod Brent Park with a seniors facility and an elementary school. (

On Monday night, Prince George City Council approved in principle a development to convert a portion of Ron Brent Park into seniors housing.

The proposed development would be beside an existing senior's care facility, and is close to doctors, shopping, and transit.

However, the green space is also used by kids from the Connaught Youth Centre, which sits on the same piece of land.

Catharine Kendall, executive director of the centre, hopes council will consider the needs of kids in the community as well as seniors.

"It cuts [the greenspace] right in half," she told Daybreak North host Robert Doane.

"It makes us wonder what will happen to the green space because it's now landlocked, and the only way to enter the green space is through the CYC parking lot."

The Connaught Youth Centre is a large building that is used for youth programs like cadets, inner city boxing and, in the near future, the Boys and Girls club.

Kendall says CYC board members have brainstormed other uses for the park including a skate park, youth gardens and a meditation garden.

While approving the development in principle, council plans to hold a public hearing, and call for feedback before making a final decision on Ron Brent Park.

To hear the full story, click the audio labelled: Seniors housing could take portion of Ron Brent Park in PG


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