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Robertson wins 2nd term as Vancouver mayor

Gregor Robertson was re-elected to serve a second term as mayor of Vancouver with 77,005 votes, defeating his NPA rival Suzanne Anton with 58,152.
Gregor Robertson of Vision Vancouver's victory speech after being voted back in as mayor of Vancouver 13:53

Gregor Robertson was re-elected to serve a second term as mayor of Vancouver with 77,005 votes, defeating his NPA rival Suzanne Anton with 58,152.

"This is a great night for everyone who believes in a bright future for our city," Robertson told supporters at his campaign headquarters.

"Vision Vancouver is all about bringing the people of this city together to do great things, and tonight we've done just that ... It has been a real privilege to serve as your mayor, and I'm humbled to have that honour for three more years."

Robertson congratulated his team on its success and thanked voters.

"You've shown that Vancouver is a city that cares, a city that works together to lift everyone up. We aren't always perfect. But we learn from our mistakes, we become stronger and better for it. That's what you've told us," he said.

Balance at city hall

Anton conceded to Robertson shortly after 10:15 p.m. PT.

"I do congratulate Gregor and his team, and I'm so happy that some of our team was elected, and I must say I am disappointed that more of our team did not get elected because the people standing behind me are the most outstanding, hard-working team of candidates you can imagine," Anton said.

"Because of you ... there will be more balance now at city hall ... Now, there will be debate at city hall ... We will be able to ask the questions that need to be asked and, I hope, push for some of the things that are important to us in Vancouver."

A breakdown by polling divisions showed Robertson won polls in downtown, East Vancouver, Kitsilano and Point Grey, while Anton took Shaughnessy, Dunbar and parts of South Vancouver.

Greens win first Vancouver seat

Robertson's Vision Vancouver teammates also won seven of 10 council seats, with rival NPA candidates taking two and the Green Party's Adriane Carr taking the first council seat ever for the party.

The re-elected Vision Councillors are Raymond Louie, Kerry Jang, Heather Deal, Andrea Reimer, Tim Steveson, Geoff Meggs are joined by new councillor Tony Tang. The new NPA councillors are Elizabeth Ball and George Affleck.

This map shows which candidate for mayor received the most votes in each voting division. This does not include results from advance and special opportunity voting as they are not tied to a specific voting division. (City of Vancouver)

Robertson started the race with what appeared to be a strong lead, but as voting day approached polls suggested that Anton was closing the gap by focusing attention on the mayor's handling of the Occupy Vancouver camp and the Stanley Cup riot.

Robertson was first elected in the 2008, defeating NPA councillor Peter Ladner by 18,800 votes in a closely fought race that saw his Vision Vancouver alliance win seven council seats. COPE captured two, while the NPA's single seat came from Anton.