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Rhianna Schmunk is a staff writer for CBC News. She is based in Vancouver with a focus on justice and the courts. You can reach her on Twitter @rhiannaschmunk or by email at rhianna.schmunk@cbc.ca.

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Gangster Jamie Bacon to plead guilty to role in Surrey Six murders

Red Scorpion gangster Jamie Bacon is set to plead guilty this week to having a hand in the Surrey Six murders, more than 12 years after the deadliest gang shooting in B.C. history, CBC News has confirmed.

Sentencing hearing for killer of Stanley Park photographer abruptly adjourned

The sentencing hearing for a man who stabbed a photographer on the Stanley Park seawall more than three years ago, ground to halt Friday afternoon after he began shouting that he wanted to fire his lawyer.

B.C. to allow designated visits for residents in long-term care after months of restrictions

B.C. is easing restrictions for visits in long-term care homes and assisted living facilities across the province, allowing residents to have in-person visits for the first time in three months.

Lynn Valley care-home nurse loses job after allegedly failing to wear PPE properly around COVID-19 patients

A former nurse who worked at the Lynn Valley Care Centre at the peak of its devastating COVID-19 outbreak has lost his job over allegations he didn’t wear his personal protective equipment properly around residents who had the illness.

No charges yet, but lawsuits continue against disgraced social worker months after RCMP investigation ends

Another lawsuit has been filed against a disgraced former social worker accused of exploiting dozens of vulnerable youth while working in Kelowna, B.C., reigniting questions about oversight, two months after RCMP quietly wrapped their criminal investigation into the matter.

B.C. to allow 'careful' travel within province as it eases more COVID-19 restrictions under Phase 3

British Columbia is further easing restrictions set in place to control COVID-19, meaning hotels, motels, resorts, spas, and RV parks will soon be allowed to open.

Corrections officers ignored inmates' calls to help man dying in transfer van, lawsuit claims

A former inmate at a correctional facility in Prince George, B.C., is suing two corrections officers, claiming they left him to ride with the body of a fellow inmate after the man died during a transfer to another facility in the province.

B.C. investigating allegations ER staff played 'game' to guess blood-alcohol level of Indigenous patients

British Columbia is investigating allegations health-care staff in emergency rooms were playing a "game" to guess the blood-alcohol level of Indigenous patients, behaviour officials describe as an overt example of widespread, deep-rooted racism across the field of health.

B.C. closing Peace Arch park at Canada-U.S. border due to 'significant' number of visitors

The province of British Columbia is closing its portion of Peace Arch Park on the U.S.-Canada border, saying a "significant" increase in the number of visitors over the last month has created public safety concerns.

Parents not liable for teenagers' fatal crash after house party, top B.C. judge rules

Two B.C. parents who hosted a birthday party where minors were drinking alcohol have been found not legally responsible for a deadly crash that happened after two teenagers left the party and stole a car, a ruling that ends another attempt to establish a standard of social host liability in Canada.

B.C. records highest number of fatal overdoses in a single month, with 170 deaths

More people died after a drug overdose in B.C. last month than people who died from COVID-19 all year, new data from province confirmed Thursday.

Investigators expect to know within weeks how military aircraft crashed — but why will take a lot longer

Teams of investigators looking for answers in two deadly Canadian military crashes will likely have a preliminary understanding of what went wrong within weeks of beginning their work, according to the colonel overseeing the cases.

Dozens of B.C. pilots fly over Lower Mainland to honour Snowbirds after deadly crash

A memorial at the airport in Kamloops, B.C., grew steadily on Monday as locals, mourners and fans of the Snowbirds came to show their appreciation after one of the military jets crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday.

As life on Earth is upended, astronomers keep looking up

A glowing nebula. Spectacular galaxies. Two gravitationally-bound systems of stars, dancing together in space. They're all still there, constant, alive, untouchable from Earth and unfazed by its human pandemic.

Catching up on B.C. surgery backlog will take up to 2 years, province says

It could take up to two years and at least $250 million in extra funding to address the extensive backlog of elective surgeries postponed in B.C. since the peak of its pandemic, the provincial government announced Thursday.