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Revelstoke couple tours the world via motorcycle

This B.C. couple has almost completed their two-year global motorcycle adventure — and despite the challenges, the trip has brought them closer together.

Since beginning two-year trip, couple has travelled length of North and South America, Africa

Dave Sears and Heather Lea with their two BMW F800s in Namibia. (ridingfullcircle/Instagram)

Despite the challenges of nearly two years on the road on a worldwide motorcycle tour, a B.C. couple is closer than ever.

Heather Lea, a freelance writer, and Dave Sears, a skilled contractor, launched their trip from Revelstoke, B.C. in the fall of 2015, after selling their houses, vehicles and paying off their loans.

Setting off on two BMW F800s, the couple started their journey down the West Coast, through the United States, Mexico and Central America to the southernmost tip of South America.

Then they headed back up to Canada and then to Alaska to reach one of North America's northernmost highways, the Dalton Highway.

The Northern lights near Denali National Park in Alaska. (Dave Sears/Riding Full Circle)

Most recently the couple finished a tour of Africa, starting in Cape Town, South Africa and making their way through nine countries to conclude their trip in Nairobi, Kenya.

The couple has tried to take the road less travelled by avoiding the main highways for back roads and gravel roads.

Moving through a tunnel on the Cañon del Pato road in Northern Peru. (ridingfullcircle/Instagram)

There have been plenty of challenges along the way — including injuries, shipping problems, and bureaucratic challenges.

For example, in October 2016, the couple hit pause on their trip to apply for visas to Russia.

"What turned into what we thought would be about four to six weeks of organizing visas for Russia turned into four months," Lea said.

Heather Lea with the bikes in Acapulco, Mexico. (ridingfullcircle/Instagram)

The bikes — beefed up with special gear and wiring — are another issue.

The couple has been shipping the bikes from continent to continent.

Currently, their bikes are still in Kenya while the couple waits in Glasgow, Scotland before embarking on the next leg of their trip.

The couple has shipped their bikes to overseas location. Here, Dave Sears unloads his bike in Cape Town, South Africa. (Heather Lea/Riding Full Circle)

"The bikes are supposed to be coming from Nairobi to Glasgow. This will be the fourth time we've flown them and we've never had any issue with scheduling or anything like that," Lea said.

"It's a bit stressful right now."

But all this time together on the road has not dimmed the couple's relationship.

In fact, Sears proposed to Lea on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The couple got engaged on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. (Kidu/Riding Full Circle)

"I'd been planning to ask her to marry me for quite some time," Sears said.

"I had been waiting and searching for the right time and the right place to do something that would be meaningful to both of us and kind of represent the things we enjoy doing and hope to continue to be able to do," he said.

Unfortunately the climb up the mountain was a lot more difficult than anticipated and both were exhausted by the time they reached the top.

"I had to make sure what happened actually did happen because I thought I was oxygen deprived," Lea laughed.

"I said yes as soon as I could breathe long enough to spout it out. I said yes more than once. I think I said yes about 15 times just to make sure he got it."

Camping near the entry to Torres del Paine National Park, in Patagonia, Chile. (ridingfullcircle/Instagram)

The couple will be heading south through the UK, crossing over to western Europe, then ultimately going east to Russia, Kazahkstan and Mongolia before heading home.

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