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B.C. man reunited with wife and daughter after coronavirus kept them apart for weeks

Monte Gisborne greeted his wife and daughter Wednesday night at Vancouver International Airport, reuniting with them after they had been stuck in Wuhan, China, during the coronavirus outbreak and then quarantined for two weeks in Ontario.

Daniela Luo and daughter Dominica spent 2 weeks in quarantine in Ontario after leaving Wuhan

Monte Gisborne greets his wife, Daniela Luo, and daughter, Dominica, at Vancouver International Airport on Wednesday night as they returned home after a trip to Wuhan, China, and time spent in quarantine in Ontario. (CBC)

A B.C. man is breathing a sigh of relief after being reunited with his wife and daughter in Vancouver.

The coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, kept Monte Gisborne away from his wife, Daniela Luo, and their nine-year-old daughter, Dominica, for weeks.

With a rose in one hand for his wife and a stuffed toy for his daughter in his jacket pocket, he waited for the pair to arrive at Vancouver International Airport late Wednesday night.

"It was more about the uncertainty of the situation that drove me nuts and them, too," he said.

WATCH: Monte Gisborne kisses his wife and daughter at their airport reunion

Monte Gisborne had not seen his wife or daughter since they went to visit family in Wuhan, China 0:33

Gisborne had stayed behind in Coquitlam to start a new job while his wife and daughter were visiting family in Wuhan for a couple of weeks for Lunar New Year.

A few days after Daniela and Dominica arrived in Wuhan, the entire city was quarantined because of the coronavirus outbreak.

"It was scary ... there was a lot of death around them," he said.

They were able to get on a flight chartered by the Canadian government, but that was just the first part of their journey, he said. 

Gisborne met his wife when he was working in Wuhan. (CBC)

Daniela and Dominica had to spend two weeks in quarantine at CFB Trenton in Ontario. They weren't allowed to leave their room.

Asked how it felt to be home, Daniela only laughed and leaned in to kiss her husband.

"I just missed my family," she said, standing with her arms around Gisborne and their daughter at the baggage claim.

Gisborne's daughter holds a blue stuffed toy he bought for her. (CBC)

Gisborne said he is relieved his wife and daughter are safe and healthy. 

"I wanted what anybody would want, and I'm delighted," Gisborne said.