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Rescued dogs from California coming to Vancouver

Local dog rescue group Thank Dog I Am Out is bringing 120 rescue dogs from California to Vancouver this Saturday in hopes of giving them a forever home.

Organizers hope the turbulence won't be too 'ruff' during the flight

These six dogs are among the 120 that will be up for adoption on Saturday. (

Local dog rescue group Thank Dog I Am Out is bringing 120 rescue dogs from California to Vancouver this Saturday to meet 150 pre-approved adopters.

"These dogs are phenomenal and unbelievably adoptable," founder Susan Patterson said. "It's all about the connection. We want people to come down and meet their dogs and take time to do it."

Organizers of the event are hoping each one of the dogs will find a forever home north of the 49th parallel.

Pre-approved adopters will meet the dogs in a 10,000 square foot airplane hangar at Vancouver International Airport that the group has converted into a doggie paradise.

More events to come

Patterson says more than 6,000 dogs are euthanized each week in California. But here in the Lower Mainland, there's a
Susan Patterson founded Thank Dog I Am Out in 2009 after having difficulty finding the right dog locally. (Liam Britten/CBC)
shortage of medium-sized dogs.

She founded Thank Dog I Am Out in 2009 when her own hunt for such a dog took her down to Washington state, where many Californian dogs end up as well.

"They have a very poor educational program when it comes to spaying and neutering," Patterson said, although she did acknowledge there have been improvements over the years.

The event on Saturday is full, but according to the group's website, they plan to have another one "in the very near future."

To hear the full story, click the audio labelled: 120 rescue dogs flying into Vancouver on Saturday


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