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'Party professional' threw huge bash in luxury condo, repeatedly dodged $15K rent, landlord says

Rees Cameron billed his Halloween 2018 bash as "the most exclusive house party ever," featuring gogo dancers, a tarot card reader and a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Lawsuit filed by Onni Property Management asks for more than $75K in damages from Vancouver tenants

Rees Cameron, shown here in his Halloween costume, billed his October 2018 party as "the most exclusive" ever. (Rees Cameron/Facebook)

Rees Cameron billed his Halloween 2018 bash as "the most exclusive house party ever," featuring go-go dancers, a tarot card reader and a Michael Jackson impersonator.

His Vancouver landlord might describe things a bit differently. The 300-guest Halloween party is just one in a long list of complaints laid out in a lawsuit filed against Cameron last week.

Onni Property Management Services is suing Cameron and a woman named Jodi Howard for more than $75,000, alleging multiple breaches of their tenancy agreement for a luxury Yaletown apartment.

The claim, filed in B.C. Supreme Court, alleges Cameron and Howard repeatedly failed to pay their monthly $15,000 rent, let their dog go to the bathroom on common property at the building, smoked in the suite, damaged the floor and used or displayed "profane, abusive, or threatening language and behaviour" — among numerous other allegations.

Cameron says he blew his budget on the Halloween party. (Mix Society/YouTube)

And then there's the Halloween party.

According to the claim, the Oct. 27 invite-only bash was held inside the apartment on the 31st floor of 501 Pacific St., a massive 4,000-square foot space featuring jacuzzis in each of the five bedrooms.

The party and Cameron were both profiled in a video produced by Mix Society and posted on YouTube in July.

Cameron, who describes himself as a "party professional," says he's christened his apartment the Playhaus as "a satire on the club scene."

Watch: Rees Cameron talks about 'the most exclusive house party ever'

He tells Mix Society video host Laura Bell he's charging women $15 and men $100 each for tickets to the party, but he might not make a profit because he "blew the budget twice over," spending a whopping $10,000.

Cameron and his friends also discuss cleaning up "dog poo" to get the suite ready for the party.

The video shows police arriving at the scene at 10 p.m. — Onni's claim alleges there were "numerous noise complaints."

Video host Bell ends the video with a withering assessment of the "exclusive" party, saying "frankly, I'm happy to be excluded next time."

The 4,000-square-foot apartment has five bedrooms, all with in-suite jacuzzis. (Luxury Rental Suites)

The landlord's claim says that Cameron and Howard moved in on Aug. 20, 2018 after signing a fixed-term lease for one year, and then repeatedly violated the strata corporation's rules.

Onni alleges it had to pay multiple fines to the strata because of Cameron and Howard's actions, then served them with an eviction notice in April 2019 after they failed to pay their rent.

The tenants allegedly refused to leave even after the Residential Tenancy Branch ordered them to do so, and Onni says it had to bring in bailiffs to remove their stuff. The landlord claims it has had to pay to store Cameron and Howard's belongings since May.

In the claim, Onni asks for the former tenants to pay $60,000 for loss of rental income from May to August 2019, along with liquidated damages of $7,500 and another $7,500 to forfeit their security deposit.

On top of all that, the landlord is also asking Cameron and Howard to compensate them for the strata fines, damage to the apartment, bailiff fees, storage costs and other general and special damages.

Cameron and Howard could not be reached for comment, and they have not filed a response to the claim. None of the allegations in the lawsuit have been proven in court.


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