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2 women allege co-worker posted hidden bathroom camera images online

Two women have launched a lawsuit alleging invasion of privacy against a former co-worker at Mattick's Red Barn Market and negligence against their former employer.

Former employees of Mattick's Red Barn Market allege other employees were also secretly recorded

The exterior of grocery store Red Barn Market in Saanich with a red sign out front and shopping carts
Two former employees of the Red Barn Market in Saanich claim they were surreptitiously photographed by a co-worker and their images were posted on a Russian 'revenge pornography' website. (CHEK News)

Two Victoria women have filed a proposed class action lawsuit involving revealing photos taken and uploaded to a Russian pornographic website.

The lawsuit claims the photos were taken by a hidden camera in the bathroom of Mattick's Red Barn Market, which belongs to a popular Victoria grocery chain.

The civil claim is against a male co-worker for invasion of privacy and negligence on the part of the company.

Jennifer Burke said she was shocked and felt violated when police showed her photos of herself that had been uploaded to a so-called Russian revenge porn website.

Mallory Colter and Jennifer Burke filed a civil claim against a former co-worker at Mattick's Red Barn Market in Saanich because they allege other young women were also secretly videotaped in the store bathroom. (CHEK News)

"It is very traumatizing," Burke said.

The lawsuit alleges the pictures had been taken sometime before she stopped working at the Red Barn Market in 2012. It wasn't until 2016 that police found out and notified her.

Burke and co-plaintiff Mallory Colter have decided to pursue a civil claim because of what they see as the slow pace of the police investigation.

Other young female victims alleged

The lawsuit alleges images of other co-workers and members of the public were also posted to the website. Burke said it's time the public knew.

"We want other people that have been affected to come forward and be able to address what has happened to them and that this sort of thing, it can be taken care of and not happen in the future," she said.

Red Barn Market has issued a statement saying: "We must, and will, respect the rights of those involved to have their privacy respected and protected. At the appropriate time, we will respond in full to the matters discussed, but for now, we must decline to comment."

Neither the former male co-worker named in the lawsuit, nor the Red Barn Market, have filed a statement of defence, and none of the allegations has been proven in court.

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