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RCMP investigating suspicious house, vehicle fires in Surrey

Police are investigating two suspicious overnight fires within a half block of each other in a residential Surrey neighbourhood.

Officials say overnight house fire and vehicle fire a half block away appear to be connected

SUV on fire in Surrey: RAW

7 years ago
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Rolando Lara captured this video of an SUV exploding, on fire in Surrey

Police are investigating two suspicious overnight fires within a half block of each other in a residential Surrey neighbourhood, that appear to be connected.

The fires began just before 2 a.m. Wednesday near 134 Street and 79 Avenue.

Surrey Fire Battalion Chief Rich Ellis said crews were first called to a structure fire in the 7900-block of 134 Street. 

A Surrey RCMP officer and a Surrey firefighter inspect a burned vehicle at 79 Avenue and 134 Street. Flames from the burning SUV spread to the tall cedar hedge. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

"That one was extinguished by the homeowner, basically. When our first units arrived, that was almost out," said Ellis. "He was out there with the garden hose putting it out."

Ellis said the fire at the house appears to be a case of arson, with a section of the front exterior of the building burned.

"Crews were responding to that, then we did have another report of a structure fire within a half block of the first one," said Ellis. "We had another full response for that one, as well."

Fire crews found the second fire to be an SUV crashed into a large cedar hedge, fully engulfed in flames. A video shot by bystander Rolando Lara recorded multiple explosions as the vehicle burned.

The hedge had also caught fire, sending large flames into the air.

Surrey fire crews were initially called to two structure fires at nearly the same time early Wednesday morning, so several units responded. The second structure fire turned out to be a vehicle fire. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Surrey RCMP Sgt. David MacDonald confirmed the driver appears to have been fleeing the alleged arson, before crashing into the hedge.

Meanwhile, Ellis said there were also reports of gunshots in the area, further complicating the police and fire response, but the explosions were likely coming from the burning SUV.

MacDonald said the SUV has not been reported stolen and the driver is still at large.

"We've got investigators showing up in the morning to assist with the RCMP to try to find out what actually happened here, and RCMP will be doing a full investigation," said Ellis.

Anyone with information is asked to call Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502.

An RCMP officer guards a crime scene on 134 Street in Surrey, B.C., where an alleged arsonist burned the lower front of the house before trying to flee, early Wednesday morning. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)