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RCMP Insp. Tim Shields suspended with pay

B.C. RCMP Insp. Tim Shields has been suspended with pay, CBC News has learned.

Suspension was effective May 19, according to RCMP

RCMP Insp. Tim Shields has been suspended with pay.

B.C. RCMP Insp. Tim Shields has been suspended with pay, CBC News has learned.

The high-profile former spokesman for the RCMP was suspended May 19, according to E division spokesman Sgt. Rob Vermeulen.

Vermeulen did not provide an exact reason for the suspension, but said it was due to a code of conduct investigation.

Shields is being sued by his former civilian co-worker, Atoya Montague, who accused him of sexual harassment in a civil claim filed in 2013.

Shields has denied Montague's allegations, and the allegations of another civilian member of the force, Anitra Singh, who also alleged sexual harassment by him.

Class-action lawsuit against RCMP

The lawsuits against Shields are among a series of legal actions filed against the RCMP by former female employees and officers.

CBC News has spoken to dozens of women alleging harassment in the RCMP since Cpl. Catherine Galliford came forward in 2011 saying she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to years of sexual harassment on the job.

Yesterday, nearly 400 female RCMP officers and civilian employees asked a B.C. judge to certify a class-action lawsuit against the force alleging sexual harassment and gender discrimination on the force.

The RCMP wouldn't comment on the proposed class-action case, but has said the force is changing due to women coming forward and a commitment from Commissioner Bob Paulson to change the "culture of harassment."

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