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Randy Rinaldo withdraws B.C. election candidacy after controversial tweets surface

Randy Rinaldo said his 'insensitive' Twitter posts from 2012 have become a distraction.

'Child poverty is a cultural problem' and many people 'shouldn't be having kids,' tweeted Randy Rinaldo

Randy Rinaldo is the Burnaby-Lougheed Liberal candidate in next year's provincial elections. (Randy Rinaldo/@RanRinBC)

A B.C. Liberal candidate is withdrawing from next year's election race after a number of his "insensitive" tweets from 2012 re-surfaced.

Randy Rinaldo, who planned on running in the riding of Burnaby-Lougheed, released a statement on Twitter Friday saying the controversial tweets he had posted had become a "distraction" to his candidacy and family responsibilities.

He reiterated the tweets no longer reflected the person he has become and hoped it would not deter other young people from pursuing public office.

"It is important that we do not immediately disqualify individuals from seeking to represent their communities because they took positions on complex issues in their past," he wrote.

"We should allow people to express their opinions and accept that those opinions can change."

Rinaldo apologized after the tweets surfaced and acknowledged they were "insenstive."

At the time, the B.C. Liberal party said he had openly disclosed the tweets to them and continued to call him a "strong candidate."

The Burnaby real estate agent-turned-political hopeful faced scrutiny for a number of comments which included the suggestion that child poverty is the result of poor parenting.

One of his posts made negative generalizations about the Roma.

In other postings Rinaldo spoke crassly about privatizing the B.C. liquor distribution branch, and suggested someone should run over a recently released sex offender. 


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