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Racist rant in parking lot not criminal but some social reaction to it might be, say Richmond RCMP

The woman who was videoed swearing and yelling racial slurs at a family in a Richmond parking lot on Friday will not be be facing criminal charges, according to RCMP.

The woman who went on a racist rant in a Richmond parking lot will not be facing charges

Police are investigating after a racist rant in a Richmond parking lot was captured on video. (Amy Xu)

The woman who was videoed swearing and yelling racial slurs at a family in a Richmond parking lot on Friday will not be facing criminal charges, according to RCMP. 

The video captured a confrontation over a parking dispute and shows a Caucasian woman blowing raspberries and mocking another driver. The footage has her expressing hate for "you people" and other racial slurs.

Amy Xu, who filmed the rant, was the target of the abuse, along with her young daughter and mother. She reported it to Richmond RCMP. 

After investigating and consulting with the B.C. Prosecution Service, police concluded the incident was "disturbing and troubling" but not considered criminal in nature. 

The video, which went viral on social media, generated significant backlash with thousands of comments and messages to the woman and members of her family. 

Richmond RCMP emphasized that while the incident itself isn't criminal, some of the responses on social media could be. 

"We can appreciate that the community here in Richmond and the extended community online feels strongly about comments made in the video, but we would certainly not wish for anyone to cross the line from spirited conversation to criminal cyberbullying," said Insp. Sunny Parmar in a statement about the incident.

"We must respect this individual is still entitled to due process and has a reasonable expectation of personal privacy." 


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