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Public toilets impossible to find on Metro Vancouver transit routes

Should transit systems be required to provide public washrooms? Some outspoken commuters think so.

It's something you don't think too hard about, until you need it

Citizen Shane gets an earful from the Raging Grannies about TransLink's lack of public washrooms 5:24

Toronto's transit system has them. Edmonton and Seattle too.

But try and find a public washroom at a bus loop or a SkyTrain Station in Metro Vancouver—good luck.

Oosha Ramsoondar, one of the Raging Grannies who took part in a sing-a-long protest at Waterfront Station in Vancouver on Monday, told CBC's Shane Foxman that a place to go is an absolute need for a public on the go.

"TransLink has a responsibility to the travelling public that uses its services to provide them with basic washroom facilities," she said. "It's only right."

What was TransLink's response? Watch the video to find out.

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Shane Foxman is the host of Citizen Shane. A Toronto native, Shane has now lived in Vancouver for nine years. His favourite aspects of living in the terminal city include the lack of snow, never having to plug in his car, and that the beach is downtown.


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