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Moose enters Prince George man's garage to lick pickup

A Prince George man got a surprise when a moose decided to wander into his garage and lick his pickup.

Truck covered in road salt too tempting for ungulate to ignore

A moose ventured onto Tab Baker's property earlier this week to get a lick of road salt. (Shutterstock)

Tab Baker had quite a surprise this week when he found a moose in his garage. 

The moose had decided to wander in and park itself beside his black pickup truck — all just to get a lick of road salt. 

The ungulate had entered Baker's rental property in the North Meadows-area of Prince George. 

"It definitely gets your attention," said Baker. "I drove by [at] first and said, 'What the heck?' because you don't realize how big they are until you get right up to them."

The video below shows their exchange. 

Prince George real estate agent Tab Baker gently encouraged a moose to leave his rental property after lingering too long in the garage. 0:59

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