British Columbia

Prince George chemical spill cleanup continues

The cleanup continues after a truck spilled a corrosive chemical near the Prince George airport Friday morning.
A flatbed tractor trailer carrying two large sacks of red phenol formaldehyde resin went off the road on a section of Old Cariboo Highway in Prince George, B.C. Friday. One of the sacks ruptured, spilling the corrosive chemical on the truck and into the ditch. (CBC)

The cleanup continues after a truck spilled a corrosive chemical near the Prince George airport on Friday morning.

The tractor trailer was involved in a single-vehicle accident on the Old Cariboo Highway, and spilled red phenol formaldehyde into a nearby ditch. The thick, syrupy resin is used as a plywood adhesive.

Ministry of Environment spokesman Norm Fallows says crews secured the site with tarps to ensure the resin didn't wash away in the heavy rains over the weekend, and the cleanup is continuing today.

"We're just looking into where we can take the contaminated materials. There will probably be some excavation involved, and it's just a matter of finding a home for that, and I think that's where we're at right now. Once we find — resolve that particular issue, things will actually happen quite quickly here."

Fallows says the Ministry has been monitoring air and water, and there doesn't appear to be any risk to public safety. The truck will remain at the site until plans are made to remove it safely.

An investigation into what caused the accident is ongoing.