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'Prestigious log house' added to heritage registry in Prince George

The Munro/Moffat and Pitman houses are the latest additions to Prince George's Heritage Register, which aims to promote and preserve key parts of the city's history.

The Munro/Moffat and Pitman houses are the latest additions to Prince George's Heritage Register

The "Pitman House" was built in 1921 in Prince George in the Dutch Colonial style. (Jordan Tucker/CBC)

A "prestigious log house" and Dutch Colonial-style residence have been added to the City of Prince George's heritage register.

While the designation doesn't come with any protection for the buildings, it does draw attention to the homes' unique value, said Trelle Morrow, a retired architect and member of the Heritage Commission.

"It's kind of an honour situation because most people do like to have their house or their building on the heritage registry," he told CBC Daybreak North host Carolina de Ryk.

"It's kind of a prestige thing."

Munro/Moffat House: a Prince George icon

Most of the Munro/Moffat house's exterior is the same as it was when it was constructed in 1914. (Exploration Place)

The first house to be added is the Munro/Moffat House at 153 North Moffat Street.

Constructed in 1914, it was constructed by John Munro, who moved to what was then South Fort George to open the Bank of British North America.

In 1921 it was purchased by Alex Moffat, who opened The Northern, a popular downtown hardware store. Moffat's son Harold was later mayor of Prince George from 1970 until 1979.

Some features of the Munro/Moffat House researched by architect Trelle Morrow. (City of Prince George Heritage Commission handout)

According to Morrow, the house is an example of Prairie Style architecture, featuring strong horizontal lines, large overhands and diamond-shaped glazing units.

It was previously included in the Exploration Place museum's list of 100 Prince George Icons.

Pitman House: a place of music

The Pitman House was built in a style first popularized by Dutch settlers in New York, according to architect Trelle Morrow. (Trelle Morrow)

The other home added to the registry is the Pitman House at 2387 McBride Cres.

Built in the Dutch Colonial style in 1921, the two-storey home was owned by W.J. Pittman, who established one of Prince George's first music stores.

The value of heritage

In voting to add the homes to the registry, Councillor Murry Krause said it's important to preserve architectural history in the community.

"Many of the buildings in our community have been changed so dramatically that they don't hold the same value today," he said.

Only four other sites have been put on the Heritage Registry so far, but Morrow explained work is underway to add about a dozen more.

To explore the other sites on the Heritage Registry, click on the map below.

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