British Columbia

Premier Christy Clark's West Kelowna office occupied by First Nations protesters

About 25 people including a group of chiefs representing Nicola Valley First Nations are occupying Premier Christy Clark's West Kelowna office.

Nicola Valley chiefs protesting trucking of sewage from Central Okanagan to Merritt

A group of about 25 protesters including Nicola Valley chiefs have occupied the offices of B.C. premier to protest the importation of biowaste into the Nicola Valley near Merrrit. (Brady Strachan/CBC)

A group of about 25 people including chiefs representing Nicola Valley First Nations are occupying the West Kelowna office of Premier Christy Clark.

They are protesting a contentious proposal to truck in and dump treated bio-waste on to local farmer's fields as compost.

"Trucking thousands of tons of sewage treatment waste to be spread onto our farms, ranches and forests is not healthy for our lands," the chiefs said in a statement. 

"We stand together to safeguard the environment for future generations. The traditional practices of harvesting from our lands and waterways, has been jeopardized by this risky practice."

The chiefs, who are demanding an immediate moratorium on the importation of biosolids into the Nicola Valley, say they plan to camp out indefinitely until their demands are addressed.

Last month, protesters opposed to the plan blocked a section of Highway 8 leading to the biowaste composting facility near Merritt.


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