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This B.C. theatre company will perform outside your home during the pandemic

Theatre SKAM actors are putting on pop-up plays on an open-air stage for people in the province's capital city who cannot see a traditional show due to COVID-19.

Theatre SKAM actors will put on pop-up plays in a flatbed truck upon request

Audiences can choose from one of four 15-minute performances by SKAM Theatre actors that will be staged on the back of a flatbed truck. According to artistic producer Matthew Payne, the content of the shows center around "primarily hope and optimism with dashes of current issues." (

A theatre company in the province's capital city is taking its shows on the road. Literally.

Theatre SKAM, based in Victoria, is now offering pop-up plays for people who want to see a play staged right outside their home.

Upon request, the troupe will pull up in a flatbed truck that doubles as a stage.

According to Matthew Payne, artistic and managing producer at SKAM, up to 50 people can attend a performance as long as everyone is practicing physical distance measures.

"We wanted to primarily deliver hope and optimism to people's homes," Payne Monday told CBC's On The Island.

Anyone interested need only visit the company's website and choose from one of four roughly 15-minute performances.

The only requirement is that a location be relatively flat with with enough room for audience members to keep a safe distance between each other and at least six metres from the stage.

Payne said each actor carries a safety kit with gloves and hand sanitizer, everyone in the company received masks, and barriers have been installed between seats in the truck in an effort to keep employees safe.

"We really wanted to get back to a live experience," said Payne, adding each show has both humour and heartfelt moments and will also touch on current affairs issues such as anti-Black racism.

And drama by delivery doesn't cost that much for those who want to see SKAM's shows this summer.

Payne said payment is by donation, because cost should never be a show-stopper:

"If they need the show for free, they should absolutely book it."

With files from On The Island


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