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Poll suggests Christy Clark trending downward

The polling news isn't getting any better for B.C. Premier Christy Clark, with a results published Thursday that suggest her rating is dropping while Adrian Dix's is on the way up.

Premier says she remains upbeat despite string of poor popularity ratings

B.C. premier's low


9 years ago
A new poll and a new low for B.C. Premier Christy Clark a year before the next election 2:12

A new public opinion poll suggests B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s approval ratings are continuing to drop with less than a year to the next provincial election.

The Angus Reid survey finds Clark's performance rating has dropped to 30 per cent, down three points from March.

Clark’s disapproval rating, meanwhile, continues to go up, with 63 per cent of respondents saying they're unhappy with her performance, up five per cent from March.

The premier played down the results Thursday.

"We've seen in recent months, the polls aren't really very meaningful," said Clark. "So, I'm not sure I see what the point is in commenting on it."

One of her former top advisors, Jim Shepard, blamed the media this week for paying too much attention to the numbers instead of what the premier is actually doing.

"If the press could see what I could see in Christy Clark, they'd sing her praises to the heavens," Shepard said at a Tuesday night Liberal fundraiser.

Compared to May 2011, polls suggest Clark’s popularity trend has steadily dropped while NDP leader Adrian Dix has enjoyed a surge.

20-point gap

A gap of more than 20 points now exists between the two, and Angus Reid spokesman Mario Canseco said the B.C. Liberals can’t ignore it.

"Over the past year, she's dropped 10 points in her own ratings and Adrian has gained more than 10 points in that span," Canseco said.

"The enemy's not anybody else but Adrian Dix for the Liberals and the sooner that they get into the mindset of what it might take to win the next election, their numbers might actually start to trend upwards again."

Clark might find some solace in recent Liberal party history. Gordon Campbell's approval rating was even lower one year before the 2009 election and he managed to turn things around.

The survey was taken from May 21 to May 28, and conducted among 6,599 randomly selected Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panelists.

With files from the CBC's Stephen Smart