British Columbia

Police issue warning about high-risk sex offender planning to live in Vancouver

Trevor Leonard Smith poses a high risk of relationship and sexual violence, particularly against children, Vancouver police say.

VPD says Trevor Leonard Smith, 46, poses a high risk of sexual violence, particularly against children

Vancouver police are warning the public about Trevor Leonard Smith, a high-risk sex offender who has been re-released from jail and plans to live in Vancouver. (VPD)

Vancouver police have issued a public warning about a high-risk sex offender who plans to live in Vancouver after his latest release from jail.

Trevor Leonard Smith, 46, poses a high risk of relationship and sexual violence, particularly against children, according to the Vancouver Police Department and the Correctional Service of Canada. 

Smith was previously convicted of sexual assault, possession of child pornography, accessing child pornography, assault causing bodily harm, and failure of comply with a court order.

He is described as white, five feet 10 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds, with grey hair and blue eyes. He also uses the surnames Landry and Williams.

Smith was the subject of public warnings in both 2015 and 2017. His most recent release comes with strict conditions, including:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour;
  • Report to a probation officer;
  • Reside at a place approved by a probation officer;
  • Remain in British Columbia;
  • Advise a probation officer of relationships and friendships with females;
  • Not to consume or possess any controlled substances;
  • No contact, directly or indirectly, with anyone under 16 years old;
  • Not to attend any public park, school ground, recreational centre, skating rink or public swimming pool, public swimming area, community centre, playground, or any other place where a person under 16 years old is reasonably expected to be present;
  • Not to use or possess a computer or access the internet, except with prior permission of a probation officer;
  • Not to possess or access any data encryption, electronic storage device, or computer software without written permission of a probation officer.

Anyone who sees or knows of Smith violating any of these conditions is asked to call 911 immediately.