British Columbia

Police look for home security video clues in Shaughnessy shooting

Investigators are collecting footage from private security cameras following a shooting death Saturday night in one of the city's most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Vancouver police are now saying the man gunned down outside his Shaughnessy home on Saturday night was known to other police agencies in Canada.

Raymond Huang was gunned down outside this Shaughnessy home on Saturday night, just after he stepped out of his vehicle. ((CBC))

Raymond Huang, 45,was gunned down in what police are calling a planned attack outside his Shaughnessy mansion.

But Const. Tim Fanning ofthe Vancouver Police Department said Monday morningthat Vancouver policecould not release any further information aboutHuang's background.

"I can't give any more information than that, appreciating that it's not our information to give out, as well as the fact that it's a homicide investigation right now," said Fanning.

Huang had been out for the evening and had just stepped out of his parked his car when he was shotoutsidehis front gate shortly after 11 p.m.

"He was either being followed or the suspects were waiting for him," said Fanning.

Huang's mother heard the gunshots, saw what was happening and told her 10-year-old granddaughter, the victim's daughter,to dial 911, Fanning said

Police have no suspects or even motives for the attack, but Fanning said that police are now collecting videotape from private security cameras installed in the home andother housesin the neighbourhood.

"At this point, only the suspects know the reason for the shooting, and know the motive," Fanning said on Sunday. "And that's something that hopefully our homicide detectives will be able to unearth in the next couple of days."

Police inspect the tarp used to cover the body of shooting victim Raymond Huang, outside the gates of his Shaughnessy home Sunday. ((CBC))

Madelaine Meikle, 14, who was babysitting at a home two blocks away, said she initially thought it was fireworks when she heard the shots.

"We were babysitting, alone, and right down the street, there's gunshots and everything. And we could've just been walking the dogs and seen this, which is kind of scary," said Meikle on Sunday.

But with the increasing frequency of gang-style shootings in the Lower Mainland in the past few months, Meikle said shootings like this one are something she's starting to accept as a fact of life growing up in Vancouver.