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Vancouver police investigating after woman records alleged stalking incident

Vancouver police are investigating an alleged stalking incident after a woman came forward with video of a frightening scene of a stranger allegedly stalking her.

The woman says the stranger followed her for 40 minutes in broad daylight

The woman says she's unsure how long the man had been following her before she pulled out her phone to record the frightening incident. (iammjammbamm/Instagram)

Vancouver police are looking into an alleged incident of stalking after a woman used her cellphone to record a man following closely behind her in broad daylight.

The woman says she was followed by the stranger for 40 minutes as she walked through downtown late Wednesday afternoon.

She posted the video to social media and contacted police, who immediately launched an investigation.

"This incident is very concerning," said Sgt. Steve Addison. "We applaud the victim for coming forward to police. She did the right thing," he said.

The woman writes in her post that she wasn't sure how long the man had been following her before she noticed him and that she made a point to show him she was recording the incident.

Asked strangers for help

Seemingly terrified, and looking for safety, the woman eventually walks up to a group of strangers at a skate park under the Georgia Viaduct and asks if she can sit with them.

"Hey do you guys mind if I sit with you? This guy has literally been following me in circles for 40 minutes and I'm recording it," she says in the video.

The man is seen standing behind her lingering as she speaks to the others — before he eventually walks away.

Addison says it's important that victims report such incidents. Police are looking at whether the alleged stalking is connected to similar reports.

"We encourage anyone who witnesses a crime or who feels unsafe to call police immediately."