PNE could change dates because of changing weather

Organizers say current fair time gets twice as much rain as late July and is getting colder. They also said any possible date change would not happen until 2018.

Organizers say current fair time gets twice as much rain as late July and is getting colder

The PNE has said in the past that poor attendance, blamed on the weather, has been a problem. (CBC)

PNE organizers are considering holding the fair earlier in the summer because of "regional weather patterns that have dramatically affected B.C.'s largest ticketed event."

Fair organizers say they plan to poll British Columbians about a potential date change for the fair, which has long been held at the end of summer.

Any potential date change would not happen before 2018, organizers said in a statement.

"The fact is, the weather patterns are changing and over the past 25 years, late August is consistently receiving more rain and experiencing cooler temperatures," PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance said in a statement.

"Our long-standing tradition that has us ending on Labour Day may no longer make sense from a weather perspective."

The organizers' statement said the 17-day fair, which curently ends on Labour Day weekend, now experiences an average of twice the amount of rain than the last two weeks of July.

They also say the average daily temperature in late August is dropping slightly, while increasing in late July.

PNE organizers will begin online polling on their webpage tomorrow.

For many, having the fair in the last two weeks of August brings up feelings of nostalgia.

If anyone should have those feelings it's Hunky Bill, whose perogy stand has built quite the legacy from the time he first convinced organizers to let him sell his Ukranian treats in 1967.

But the 85-year-old says he's ready to embrace change.

"They are thinking about it for the year 2018. If they go, then fine we try it out. If it works out, great," he said.

"I might have to make some adjustments but heck, if everything was so easy, there would be a zillion more people in business."

Some vendors told CBC they're worried about their bottom line because they may have to choose between events if the date is changed.

With files from Anita Bathe