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Playoff diet hazardous Canucks fans warned

Dietitians are warning Canucks fans over indulging during the long run to the Stanley Cup Finals could be hazardous to their waistlines.
A dietitian adds up the calories in the typical hockey playoff meal of chicken wings, nachos and beer, the CBC's Lisa Johnson reports 1:49

Dietitians are warning Canucks fans that overindulging during the long run to the Stanley Cup Finals could be hazardous to their waistlines.

Six weeks after the playoffs began the team is preparing to face off against either Boston or Tampa Bay in the final round starting next Wednesday.

Throughout the playoffs fans have been flocking to bars and restaurants to watch the games, and enjoying mounds of salty snacks and pints of bubbly beverages.

And all that could be behind some expanding behinds, says dietician Desiree Nielson.

"It's definitely [not] been helping our blood pressure with all that extra salt, but really it's the weight when we're eating nachos, wings, burgers, fries — it adds up," she said.

"We're eating easily a 1,000 calories extra than we're supposed to at a single meal and that can add up to maybe five or 10 pounds depending on how hard you hit the food during the whole series," she said.

Nielson warns the more salt you eat, the more you drink, and vice versa, and the average pint of beer has 250 calories.

She recommends opting for lower calorie beer, and choosing salad instead of fries with your burger, and getting out and getting active in between games.

The first game in the series begins Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT on CBC Television. Fans are invited to come down to the CBC Plaza at 700 Hamilton Street in Vancouver to watch the game on the giant outdoor screen.