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Pierre Cloutier' is living his chuck wagon dream...

Pierre Cloutier hitched his dream to some horses and set out across the country.

Quebecois man and his four horses are looking for a fresh start in B.C.

Pierre Cloutier arrived in the Okanagan in a chuck wagon. (CBC)

Pierre Cloutier is living his dream.

The Quebec man set out to cross the country in a chuck wagon last year and has arrived in B.C.. He's now looking for a new place to call home.

Pierre Cloutier hitched his Belgian horses to a chuck wagon in November and travelled to B.C. to pursue a long-held dream.

"I hit a bit of a dead end in Quebec so I decided just to hit the road and realize my dream," said Cloutier, who always wanted to travel and be a cowboy.

He started out with two horses and picked up another two in order to go over the Rocky Mountains.

"It's worked out very, very well," Cloutier said. "I've got a lot of respect from all the drivers, a lot of co-operation."

Along the way people have suggested roads to take and offered Cloutier meals and shelter.

Help en route

"Before B.C., I only slept in the wagon five nights," said Cloutier, who is logging his journey on Facebook.

And the offers keep coming.

Okanagan resident Sylvie Lengert offered Cloutier and his horses some local hospitality.

"I can't believe this is for real," Lengert said, looking at the horses and wagon in Joe Rich, a community just east of Kelowna.

"I just want to help this guy out," she said, adding the horses looked like they needed a break.

Amazing experiences 

 Cloutier said he really appreciates all of the assistance.

"With the help of people I did the most amazing things," he said.

Pierre Cloutier takes his chuck wagon through the Okanagan Valley. (CBC)
  And where will the cowboy end up?

"It could be Shuswap, or it could be Williams Lake," Cloutier said, noting for now he's making his way to Kelowna.

"This is the beginning of my dream," he said. "I want to build a country music show and hit the road with a band, so maybe it's going to be when I meet the right people for that dream." 

With files from Brady Strachan


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