British Columbia

Pedestrian critically injured during two-car crash

A 38-year-old male pedestrian was sent crashing into a building after being struck by a car involved in a road accident.

Bystander was pushed into building hit when two cars collided at Main Street and 12th Avenue Sunday morning

Man critical after car pushes him into Vancouver building 2:15

A 38-year-old man is in critical condition after a two-car accident at Main Street and 12th Avenue early Sunday morning.

Vancouver Police say that the cars collided at around 1 a.m., with one vehicle subsequently crashing into a building adjacent to the corner.

The injured man, an innocent bystander, was on the sidewalk and was caught in the collision.

Emergency workers pulled the man from wreckage inside the building.

Heidi Berndt, who lives in a nearby building, says it sounded like a transport truck flipping over and that the screeching impact awoke everyone in the area.

The collision sent one car into a nearby building and critically injured an innocent bystander at the crosswalk of Main Street and 12th Avenue. (CBC)

Berndt immediately went outisde to see what had happened.

"What I saw was a car inside Odenza Homes and just shattered glass everywhere and the car that had been hit was crushed," she says.

The vehicle that struck the building was driven by a 23-year-old woman from Langley. The other driver is a 49-year-old woman from Vancouver.

Both drivers were sent to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. One has since been released.

Police are continuing to investigate what caused the accident and believe that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.


With files from the CBC's Negar Mojtahedi