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After weekend escapade, Victoria parrot coaxed home

The pet bird escaped her owners' home through a faulty screen door in Victoria, B.C. on Friday.

Lokochi escaped its owners' home on Friday and got stuck in a tree for 2 days

Lokochi the parrot was safe and sound at home by Sunday evening. (Corey Namura)

Lokochi the parrot is recovering after a rough weekend.

The bird escaped her owners' home through a faulty screen door in Victoria, B.C. on Friday. She ended up stuck in a tree on Crescent Road and refused to come down.

On Sunday, the Victoria Fire Department came to help. They couldn't coax the bird from the tree, even after hours of trying.

Corey Namura, Lokochi's owner, was worried for his hungry, dehydrated pet.

"She just won't come down, so here we are," Namura said, standing in the rain next to the tree. "I think she'll come down on her own, but we'll have to wait."

Firefighters said they did all they could to get the bird down, but she wouldn't budge. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

Firefighters said they've seen birds stuck up trees before. Usually, crews will shake the branch or spray some water at the birds to impel them to come down. 

Capt. Gord Taylor said none of those things worked.

"We tried everything," he said. "There's not much more we can do."

Corey Namura, right, watches as firefighters try to coax his pet parrot from the tree. He said Lokochi is "like a member of the family." (Megan Thomas/CBC)

But after the fire department left, Namura said his bird started chattering loudly. Eventually through some coaxing and some help from some neighbours, she hopped down to him.

He said Lokochi, who's been a part of his family for seven years, had dinner and an early bedtime.

Namura said he's grateful to fire crews who took the time to help out.

"If I win the lottery, it's going to the fire department."

With files from Megan Thomas