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Parents in Surrey, B.C., organize walk to raise awareness of SIDS

It's a new parent's worst nightmare: losing a child to SIDS. That's what happened to a couple in Surrey when their son died in his sleep while taking an afternoon nap.

Parents of child who died of SIDS invite anyone who has experienced the same to talk to them

Azaan Singh Gill died of SIDS when he was taking an afternoon nap. (B.C. Children's Hospital)

It's a new parent's worst nightmare: losing a child to sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

That's what happened to a couple in Surrey, B.C., five years ago when their six month old son, Azaan Singh Gill, died in his sleep while taking an afternoon nap.

On Saturday, Azaan's parents, Tanya and Rob Gill, led a walk in his memory to raise awareness of SIDS and funds for treatment. 

"We don't want this to happen anywhere to anybody and unfortunately it still does happen," Rob Gill said before the walk on Saturday.

"We want to create a group where we can help families get through that difficult time."

By Saturday evening, the event had reached $6,371 of its $10,000 fundraising goal, and donations were still coming in.

The proceeds will go to the Pathology Research Clinic at the B.C. Children's Hospital to help find a cure. 

Researchers don't know what causes SIDS. 

According to HealthLinkBC, SIDS happens when a baby suddenly dies in his or her sleep. Infants between two to four months are most susceptible to the syndrome. 

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends avoiding over-wrapping infants, setting a reasonable room temperature, avoiding co-bedding, not smoking, and allowing babies to sleep on their backs.