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Paraglider gets entangled in North Vancouver power lines

A paraglider who became entangled in North Vancouver power lines caused 3,000 North Shore homes to lose electricity on Monday night.

Man who launched off Grouse Mountain misses mark, causes power to be cut to 3,000 homes

BC Hydro has to cut power to 3,000 people after man gets tangled in power lines 0:57

A paraglider who became entangled in North Vancouver power lines caused 3,000 North Shore homes to go dark Monday night.

Video shows the man suspended two metres in the air in the Canyon Heights neighbourhood below the Grouse Mountain ski area. Normally Grouse Mountain paragliders aim to land in Cleveland Park, a couple of kilometres to the west.

 BC Hydro cut power in the area because they were concerned the man would be electrocuted. 

Witness Chantelle Pamplim said the man was remarkably calm given his circumstances. 

Wayward Grouse Mountain paraglider found himself in a tangle after crashing into power lines on a North Vancouver residential street. (CBC)

"He was actually pretty mellow, I was surprised. I asked him what his name was and if he was OK, and he said he was completely fine," said Pamplim. "We see the parachutes come off Grouse Mountain all the time but we've never seen anyone hit anything before."

It took about an hour for emergency crews to lower the man to the ground. He wasn't injured and power was restored to the neighbourhood shortly afterwards.


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