British Columbia

Police respond to incident at Pacific Highway border crossing

The Canada Border Services Agency says a driver "failed to report" heading into Canada at the Pacific Highway border crossing from Washington state into B.C.

Witness says driver sped away from crossing with police in pursuit

Driver 'fails to report' at B.C. border

6 years ago
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CBSA officers inspect a car after police chased a U.S. driver into Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency says a driver heading into Canada at the Pacific Highway border crossing from Washington state into B.C. on Tuesday afternoon "failed to report." 

RCMP in Surrey, B.C., said the suspect, a U.S. citizen, was allegedly in possession of a firearm. 

Sgt. Alanna Dunlop said officers followed the suspect into south Surrey, before he headed back south toward the border crossing. She said the suspect was stopped on the U.S. side of the border and taken into custody without incident.

Witness Cadi Schiffer says she was waiting to get through the border into Canada shortly before 3 p.m. PT when she heard "a lot of yelling" followed by six to seven popping sounds about two lanes over from where she was waiting. 

"All the border officers ran towards the car and starting yelling with their weapons out and surrounded him," she said. 'He pretty much just hit the gas and blasted through the officers."

Schiffer said several police cars sped after the driver as he headed north with his trunk open. 

She said the border crossing was closed for about 10 minutes before border agents began letting people through as usual. 

Another witness, Mitch Hayes, confirmed what Schiffer saw, but said he watched as the same driver attempted to make his way back to the U.S. border about 15 minutes later, with about 10 police vehicles in pursuit. 

"All of a sudden I started hearing a whole pile of sirens," he said. "And then I had customs agents literally running right past me."

Hayes said the car, a black Jetta with Washington plates, made it to within about 10 to 15 metres from one of the booths before it was stopped. 

He said he watched border agents with riot shields and guns drawn running toward the car.