British Columbia

Kamloops man dies of fentanyl-related overdose after Kelowna wedding

A man from Kamloops, B.C., has died after he and four other people overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl at a wedding in nearby Kelowna.

Man was with 4 other people who also overdosed but survived

Crime Stoppers says 27 people have died in Kelowna this year due to fentanyl-related drug overdoses. (CBC)

A man has died after he and four other people appear to have overdosed from cocaine laced with fentanyl at a wedding in Kelowna last weekend. 

Interior Health said the man died Tuesday, while the other four people were able to pull through. 

"Individuals should not be taking drugs when they are alone, and they should have someone with them who is not using at the same time as they are," said Interior Health medical officer Dr. Sue Pollock. 

"The other thing is we're encouraging people who are using drugs to carry a take home naloxone kit."

Naloxone temporarily reverses the effects of powerful opioids and is available without a prescription.

Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for tips leading to the person selling the opioid-laced drug that resulted in the man's death.

"We just want that information about who's selling ... because this is killing people, and we want to help police put a stop to it," said Crime Stoppers coordinator Gerry Guiltenane.

Crime Stoppers said 27 people have died in Kelowna this year due to fentanyl-related drug overdoses. 

B.C. Premier Clark recently announced $10 million to combat drug overdoses

"Every single one of these deaths is not just tragic, it is absolutely preventable," Clark said Wednesday.

The funding will go towards a new treatment centre and will also help pay for outreach and naloxone.