Over 70 elementary school kids sign petition telling Prince George, B.C., mayor why they want a new skate park

A nine-year-old Prince George boy is getting politically active, collecting signatures and delivering a request for a new neighbourhood skate park to city hall.

'Lots of kids will use it and it will make them happy'

Over 70 elementary school children signed a home-made petition asking the city of Prince George to a build a skate park in their neighbourhood. (Mitchell Brown/City of Prince George)

A nine-year-old Prince George, B.C., boy is getting politically active, collecting signatures and delivering a request for a new neighbourhood skate park to city hall.

"I would like to have a skate park here in College Heights," wrote Mitchell Brown in a letter addressed to Mayor Lyn Hall. "Here are a couple reasons."

He goes on to list four reasons, including that skateboarding is a healthy, "positive thing to do with my friends" and "my friends/moms are tired of driving to the skate park downtown."

The official correspondence from Mitchell Brown to city hall. (Mitchell Brown/City of Prince George)

He concludes by asking mayor and council to "think about my request because lots of kids will use it and it will make them happy," followed by two pages of signatures from his fellow skateboard and scooter enthusiasts written in pencil and marker.

The city of Prince George recently underwent a major consulting process to come up with a new parks strategy, and among the top priorities staff heard was increased demand for bike and skate parks.

In September of 2016, the city opened a skate park in the Hart neighbourhood north of Prince George, joining an existing facility in the downtown area. Brown and his friends live in the College Heights neighbourhood on the southwest end of the city.

Brown said while he enjoys the downtown skate park, it's not always easy for him to get there.

"Our moms always have to drive us and that's probably a big hassle for them, taking time out of their life," he said. "It can be a long drive for some people."

In terms of what sort of facility he'd like to see in his neighbourhood, Brown said he wasn't picky.

"Just anything is good, maybe a mini-bowl and a quarter-pipe," he said.

City staff have included the letter and petition from Brown in the correspondence section of the Nov. 20 council meeting. Elected officials will have the option of pulling the letter to discuss its contents. (Mitchell Brown/City of Prince George)