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Osoyoos hockey brawl between drunken parents results in injuries

Police say parents were drinking alcohol throughout the day before starting a massive brawl in the stands on Saturday.

Game was between 10-year-old players from Langley and the Interior

The Sun Bowl Arena was the scene of Saturday's fight, in which police say was alcohol was “a large factor." (Google Streetview)

Some parents are still recovering from injuries following a fight in the stands at a kids' hockey game in Osoyoos on Saturday.

In a statement, Osoyoos RCMP said they responded to a brawl at the Sun Bowl Arena after receiving reports of numerous parents involved in a large fight in the stands.

The game was between 10-year-old players from the New Western Bruins out of Langley and the BC Interior Stars out of Vernon, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland and Penticton. The brawl started just after the game ended. 

"It sounds like there were six people actually fighting, and then [there was] a large group around them and a lot of yelling. It was quite a scene," RCMP Cpl. Jason Bayda said.

"You hear about these things happening 20 or 30 years ago … to see it happening now, in 2016, it's unacceptable."

Police say the parents were all staying at a local resort and had been consuming liquor throughout the day and the resort had to call in extra security as a result. Police say alcohol was "a large factor" in the fight.

At least one woman sustained a broken nose and other minor injuries were also reported, according to police.

Bayda says it appears the woman with the broken nose received the injury from her own husband who was fighting another man. He says she stepped in to try and break up the fight.

Coach of Interior team speaks out

Shea Sanche, head coach of the B.C. Interior Stars — one of the teams on the ice during the fight — says he is "disgusted" by the fight, which he called "a black mark on hockey."

"These are 10 year olds and frankly, there's no excuse for this. It was very irresponsible and those responsible should be embarrassed," he told Radio West host Audrey McKinnon.

Sanche says coaches and players from both teams were in the dressing rooms when the fight started, and he and his assistants helped break up the fight after a mother came in to get him. One of his assistants was struck, he says.

Moving forward, Sanche says he plans to have a discussion with his players about what happened. He says it could be a "great teaching moment."

"What a great opportunity to teach them about when someone should've walked away," he said.

"This could have been avoided if everyone simply walked away."

A meeting with parents is also planned, Sanche says, and a "zero tolerance" spectator policy will be coming as well.

With files from Radio West

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