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15-year-old programmer builds musical map of Canada

To help bring On The Coast's latest music feature to life, 15-year-old Laef Kucheran built this interactive map of Canada with songs inspired by places across the country.

15-year-old Laef Kucheran is one of several students behind Find A Lost Pet app as well

Laef Kucheran's map goes from Bonavista to Vancouver Island — or is that Spirit of the West to Stars? (Laef Kucheran)

When discussing On The Coast's latest music feature, Canadian Geographic, host Stephen Quinn rhetorically asked listeners, "Where are the web people when you need them?"

The music feature invites On The Coast listeners to send in songs about places in Canada, and Quinn wanted to see what a map of Canada would look like with the songs pinned on them at their namesake locations.

Quinn's call-out was rhetorical, but 15-year-old Burnaby listener Laef Kucheran took it seriously, and developed this great map.

Kucheran, a student at Inquiry Hub Secondary in Coquitlam, loves programming and has developed several projects on his own time, including the Find A Lost Pet.

"This is pretty much mostly a hobby right now," Kucheran said. "I haven't made any money off of it yet, but who knows? Maybe some day I will do something like that."

When he heard Quinn's call-out, he knew it was something he could make happen.

"It was quite fun. It's always good to do something like this, keep my skills up," he said.

But, Kucheran did have one bone to pick with On The Coast's music feature: they were missing his pick, Stan Rogers' "Fogarty's Cove."

"I was surprised you didn't play it this time around — especially since it is so good."

You can check out Kucheran's map as it is updated until the end of the week.

With files from CBC Radio's On The Coast

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