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Octopus goes head-to-head with robot

An octopus laid claim on a cable coil as a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) was trying to do some work on the Ocean Networks Canada underwater observatory.

The tug of war was caught on camera as crews were trying to get some equipment untied

A Pacific octopus gets involved in a tug of war with a large robot called Hercules while the ROV tries to do its job for Ocean Networks Canada. (Nautilus Live/YouTube)

An octopus laid claim to a cable coil as a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) was trying to do some work on the Ocean Networks Canada underwater observatory off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The octopus can be seen fighting with the ROV named Hercules — the octopus tries to get in the way of it so it can`t undo a knot. 

"The octopus simply stretched its arm and was willing to fight with an ROV," said Fabio de Leo, a scientist with Ocean Networks Canada. 

The video was captured as part of a four-month expedition by Ocean Exploration Trust led by oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus that live streams video 24-hours a day as it explores the waters of British Columbia, Oregon and California. 

"It is amazing to see the octopus fighting for its home, right?," said de Leo. 

He said it's not uncommon for octopuses to try and create homes in man-made instruments on the sea floor. 

In the video posted by Nautilus Live, you can hear a play-by-play narration from the crew operating the robot.

With files from the CBC's All Points West.